What the Top Brands Will Do on Social Media in 2017 to Drive Up their Entrepreneurship Efforts

In the digital age, technology is changing businesses faster than ever before. Disruptive technologies are springing up every time. This means business owners must sit back and evaluate their marketing strategies every year in order to stay afloat. Social media has quickly grown to become the frontier for brands to showcase their products and services and build loyal customer base. That said, here are things top brands will do differently on social media in 2017:

  • Focus more on visual-based content to supercharge their branding efforts

Statistics show that the modern day customers are so busy that they lack time to read through text-based content. They prefer visual-based content such as images, videos, infographics and podcasts that are short, punchy and pass across the message fast. Due to this, top brands are expected to gravitate towards visual-based content on social media to appeal to the modern day consumer.

  • Focus on making their sites mobile friendly to enhance their business branding campaigns

According to statistics, the number of active mobile devices in the world has exceeded the 7 billion mark. This means that more searches are happening on mobile devices than desktop computers. Google’s algorithm shift from desktop algorithm to mobile algorithm substantiates this mobile resurgence. Top brands are expected to optimize their sites to become mobile friendly in order to tap into the merchandising market.

  • Optimize customer experience to build business fast

Although optimization of customer experience has been a priority for business owners for many years, 2017 will see more aggressive campaigns to enhance it. With cutthroat competition in the marketplace, every brand is jostling to win over more customers by ramping up their customer experience. Top brands will focus on developing or leveraging tools that can help identify customers connect with them, engage them in enabling them to buy products and services, influence them to stay loyal and cajole them to recommend the brand to other customers.

  • Embrace powerful analytic tools for greater success in entrepreneurship

The past few years have seen brands use analytic tools such as Google analytics to measure their success. While these analytic tools are effective, they are not accurate as they rely more on likes, comments, and shares. More powerful analytic tools are being developed that can lay out the actual success of a company. Marketers are expected to leverage these powerful analytic tools to create a solid foundation to supercharge merchandising efforts.


At the end of the day, a brand that offers the best customer experience will have the last laugh in 2017. Disruptive technologies are popping up every time and if your brand doesn’t conform you risk closure as the savvy customers want to engage with brands that make their lives easier.